Client Services

How We Work:

Once we have thoroughly discussed and received full job descriptions from our Clients, internal and media advertising is then initiated.
Once we have been provided with all requested documentation, we will then discuss the vacancy in more detail with our candidates.
Preliminary interviews will then be conducted to ensure that the candidate understands the expectations of the position, and are able to live the lifestyle of the working destination.
Once this has been cleared, we will follow your instructions as to whether you would like to interview directly, or if you wish us to interview on your behalf.

Recruitment Services provided:

Sourcing Candidates

At GRS we have an extensive database of candidates that are available for new challenges and locations. We use a wide variety of different advertising methods and social media to source new candidates.

CRB Background investigation checks

Most teachers will already have an up-to-date CRB check. However, for a more extensive check, we work along with a UK BI screening company should you need to use their services to screen candidates without a recent CRB.

Medical and Visas

We ensure that the medical and visa processes are processed smoothly, and are in accordance with our Clients instructions. All medical and visa processing is done through Harley Medic, London, UK

Interviewing - Education (Teachers only)

As the need for high volume candidates are increasing, arrangements can be made if you wish us to interview on your behalf. We have the time and the expertise to undertake interviews upon request.

Coordinating UK Interviews

We are aware that arranging interviews from overseas can be troublesome. GRS provide co-ordination solutions to interviews that need to be held in the UK. We can arrange interview co-ordination, and representation of your candidates throughout your interviewing process.

Summary of current sectors of ongoing recruitment

International Schools, Universities & Colleges – Teachers for all year groups and subjects (Worldwide), Language Institutes – ESL Teachers (Worldwide), Oil & Gas, Construction and Technical Training – (Middle East, Africa and Asia), IT Industry (Short and Long Term) (Worldwide)

What makes Global Recruitment Solutions an Excellent choice

We remain consistent in all stages of the recruitment process to make sure both parties are well informed and comfortable.

At GRS we strive to ensure that all candidates are qualified, capable, and enthusiastic about teaching overseas.

We always look for teachers who demonstrate an ability to transfer skills from one teaching environment to another, and possess the skills and abilities to take on the challenges ahead.

At GRS we assure you that we will always work your ‘local week’, and are contactable 7 days a week.

Making a good match between the employer and employee is integral to our reputation and continued success in recruiting.

Whilst education and experience are important, we also believe that personality is of equal importance and plays a large part in successful recruitment.

Global Recruitment's success and recommendations have been achieved by understanding clients' needs and consistently delivering against ambitious time frames. We continually invest heavily to attract the highest quality candidates using our knowledge of the market and considerable recruitment experience to ensure you get the best match for your requirements.

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